How To Copyright

Four simple steps before you are on your way to Copyright and Publish your work for free!

1. Register / Login:

  • The easiest way to login is via the “Login with Facebook” button on the right side of the screen. This will automatically pull your Facebook picture & e-mail address associated with Facebook.
  • The other option is to click the “Register” tab on the right end of the menu bar. This will prompt a page for quick and easy registration. Just fill in your user name, e-mail, and password to create your Account Details (you will use this name and password for future login). Listed below the account creation section are entry fields to create your Profile Details. Fill in these fields or at least the *required fields for now, you can always edit your profile in the future. Finish the process by clicking the “Complete Sign Up” button underneath. You will receive an automated e-mail from Student Copyright asking you to finalize the process by clicking the activation link located within the e-mail. (If you do not receive this e-mail within minutes, check your junk folder incase you are utilizing a heavy “spam blocker”). You will be returned to where you can now enter your username and password located on the right side of the Website. Click the “Login” button, and Voila! You are now an “Author” to with Publishing privileges! If you are asked for an Activation Key, forget about it. We have bypassed this section already


*NOTE: If any “Author” is found to post spam, malware, pornography, extreme profanity, more than one link-out, or pretty much anything we deem “inappropriate”, will immediately bump your User Role down to “Contributor” where your Posts must first be submitted to us for review before we can publish for you.


2. Create a User profile and familiarize yourself with our Social Network

Congratulations on becoming an “Author” for!

After you have logged in to Student Copyright, you will now notice a translucent Navigation Bar across the top. This thing follows you wherever you go! From here you will have the ability to:

  • enter the “Dashboard” and backend of WordPress for “Authors”
  • post
  • manage posts
  • manage comments
  • manage your account
  • alter your profile
  • send and receive friend requests
  • send and receive private messaging
  • form groups and invite others
  • create and join forums
  • keep track of personal, friend, and group activity

For Users who have logged in via Facebook, or for Users who have Registered through our Registration Process and only filled in the *required fields, you may want to head straight to your “Edit Profile” section to build your personal profile.

Now that you have a rough understanding of how our Social Network operates, are you ready to begin Copyrighting and Publishing your work? On to steps 3 and 4!


3. Create a Post to Copyright and Publish your work

  1. Click the Post button to open a new page.
  2. Enter the Title of your article or work you wish to publish.
  3. In the large open field below the box where you entered the Title, copy and paste your article. We have allowed for 300 lines of text. If you require more room for a thesis paper, let us know via a private message to an Admin and we can help you out. You will see there are options for changing attributes like Bold, Italics, Bullet lists, etc… (If you are Posting artwork or video, there is an HTML tab to the right of the VISUAL tab that will allow you to enter proper HTML code for this type of work.)
  4. On the right hand side of the screen will be “check boxes” for Categories. It is IMPORTANT that you check the boxes related to your article or work so that your Post is Copyrighted and Published in the appropriate areas. This also makes discovery of your work a much easier process.
  5. Below the Category “check boxes” is a section to add Tags. Tags are specific words that relate to your work . These are primarily used for people to search for work based on words and not Categories. For example, if you would like to Copyright and Publish a screenplay, you would:
  • In the Category check boxes, check off “Arts, Visual & Performing”, and subcategories “Film” and “Theater”
  • In the Tags entry table, type; screenplay, script, (etc..)

Once you have completed the previous five steps, you are ready you to Publish. Simply click the “Publish” button on the right hand side of the screen near the Title and you’re done! You can find your Published work via the Search Bar, Category List on the right sidebar, the Activity Tab, Members Tab, or through your own personal profile.


4. SEO Your Work

Incorporated in our WordPress Website is the Genesis Framework, BuddyPress, and GenesisConnect. We have installed these services so that any “Author” can add their own natural SEO (Search Engine Optimization). If you are familiar with natural SEO preformed by Genesis, you may stop here and be on your merry way Publishing your heart out! For further information on SEO, read on…

Search Engine Optimization essentially “hacks” or “tricks” search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask, etc. into recognizing your Website, pages, or posts as something larger or more important than they may actually be. With GenesisConnect, we were able to build a Social Networking Website that allows our Users to preform their own natural SEO. It’s simple, easy, and will help get your work found through Google searches if done correctly.

The SEO data entry fields are found at the bottom of a Post you manage. You can fill out these fields at the time you Publish, or return to a previous Post with the Manage Post option and preform the SEO at a later time. We could write a tutorial on exactly how to enter proper SEO in these fields, but we won’t. We at know that if a User is intelligent enough to Publish and Copyright their work, they are smart enough to research natural SEO; <h1> tags, keyword phrases, meta-tag descriptions, canonical tags, etc..