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The StudentCopyright.com icon to the right is used to display featured articles and work highly approved by our staff of Administrators. If you see our icon next to Published work, you will know we have acknowledged the author’s Published work as highly creative and original. We do this to highlight the “best of the best” and only re-post articles under “Featured Work” that we at StudentCopyright.com feel deserving of a premium location to be seen by potential employers, other students, and professors.


All Pages found under “Featured Work” are reserved for “Featured Articles”.  Every month, Student Copyright will pick a few of our Authors’ Copyrighted and Published works and highlight them as a featured article or work. We will re-post those works in the appropriate field of study as well as add their avatar and bio to the right side bar as a “Featured Author”! If our Administrators feel that an “Author” has produced a well written or designed article / work with much creative and original thought, we will do everything we can to get you seen. The more articles or work you Copyright and Publish at StudentCopyright.com, the better your chances are. Even if your articles do not make the cut, if you have Published enough work, will may still make you a “Featured Author” and permanently highlight your profile. So please, continue Publishing your work, because you never know if you may have a “diamond in the rough”.