Sensory Desensitization for Achieving Deep Meditation

Scientific studies show that the subconscious part of the mind processes nearly 2.4 billion bytes per second of information via the 5 input senses, while the conscious part of the mind can only process approximately 40 bytes per second. There is a tremendous amount of activity going on in the subconscious that never makes it to the conscious mind because of “sensory overload”. There is just too much information coming in through the 5 input senses (hearing, touch, sight, smell, and taste).

It has been scientifically proven that “sensory desensitization” via repetition, blocks out a portion of information coming through whatever sense is being “desensitized”. This frees up more processing power in the brain allowing one’s mind to hold fleeting images and ideas in the subconscious long enough for the conscious mind to make a connection and pull that information forward into the conscious mind. Essentially, the more sensory desensitization that occurs during meditation, the greater one’s ability will be to generate original, creative, and groundbreaking ideas.

The subconscious part of the mind stores every piece of information since the beginning of one’s life. The subconscious mind has ALL THE ANSWERS to ALL OF ONE’S PROBLEMS. The tricky part is getting that information to the conscious mind so that one may begin to take action, solving their problems and following a path of spiritual and financial success.


Meditation Is the Path to Spiritual Success, and Sensory Desensitization is the Tool to Mastering Meditation.

Utilizing repetitive sensory input allows me to enter deep states of meditation for extended periods of time.  To demonstrate just how easy sensory desensitization can be, I will describe a couple of methods I stumbled upon to reduce my sensory input that are so simple you may already be practicing half of them and not even know it.


Repetitive Aromatic Sensory Input Can Desensitizes One’s Sense of Smell, Taste, and Touch.

If you already drink coffee and/or smoke cigarettes, they can be excellent tools to implement in your meditation. Slowly sipping coffee at regular intervals repetitively hits your sense of taste and smell with a strong flavor and sent. Over a short time, the act of sipping coffee while meditating can desensitize your sense of taste and smell. In addition, the repetitive movement of picking up and putting down the coffee cup acts a form of tactile desensitization.

If you are a smoker, here is great way to gain something positive out of a bad habit. By smoking while you are meditating, you are unconsciously forcing yourself to focus on your breathing. The entire process, of smoking (lifting the cigarette to your lips, puffing, inhaling, holding slightly, and then exhaling) causes tactile repetition from many angles and massive sensory desensitization. In addition, the aroma of the tobacco at repetitive intervals, again, aids in desensitizing smell and taste.

*Note: When drinking coffee during meditation, only drink DECAFFEINATED coffee. Scientific studies have proven that caffeine elevates brainwave activity as high as the Beta state level (the highest level) and causes anxiety and mental confusion.

*Note: Consuming nicotine has been scientifically proven to lower brain wave activity to that of the Alpha or Theta state level which is ideal for meditation and extremely beneficial to opening one’s mind. (if you do not already consume tobacco, don’t start now, there are many other ways to lower brain wave activity that I will share in future posts)


Immersing One’s Self in Nature Can Desensitize the Senses of Sight and Hearing.

Watching trees blowing in the wind, or water running down a stream acts both as a visual and auditory sensory input blocker. The movement and sound created from flowing water or swaying trees acts as repetitive stimuli to both your senses of vision and hearing.  Forests, beaches, mountain sides, lakes, rivers, etc are all excellent places to meditate. Being alone in nature, in a natural environment, can present many forms of repetitive sensory input. Another simple tactic to implement when meditating to achieve sensory desensitization on two levels.

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